Super Rugby Season 2017 kicks off at Newlands

No sooner does Super Rugby 2016 end than Super Rugby 2017 starts.  For the Cape Town based DHL Stormers the new season starts off on Saturday 25th February with what could be a bruiser of a Rugby Match.  The DHL Stormers kick their 2017 season off playing at Newlands Stadium against the Vodacom Bulls.

Rugby season is officially here and as with every season everyone wants their team to win. Cape Town is passionate about rugby and the DHL Stormers have a large, loyal and vocal number of supporters. Newlands stadium is the home of the DHL Stormers and for any rugby fan anywhere in the world it is one of the Rugby Stadiums on the bucket lists of must attends. Tucked away under Table Mountain Newlands has seen many memorable matches in its glorious history and the 2017 Super Rugby series will be no different.

On the back of a tough 2016 the 2017 season looks tremendously tough for Coach Robbie Fleck and his team.  Local support at the home games will be vital to keep team spirits alive as a tour from hell to New Zealand with matches against arch rivals Vodacom Bulls top and tail the season.  It will be a tough season, according to the coach Robbie Fleck and that means an exciting one that you need to be part of.
Getting close to the action and feeling the “Gees” or vibe can only come from being at Newlands Stadium watching the DHL Stormers play their hearts out. The oohs and aahs and cries of “Jou Lekker Ding” (You lovely thing) make Newlands something special for the whole family. Come rain or shine the terraces are nearly always full and the rugby is always superb.
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