Pick Up, Hook Up and Ride

Cape Town and the surrounding area is one of the top tourist destinations for cyclists both domestically and internationally. When arriving at Cape Town International with your bicycle the last thing you need is hassle get you and your prized machine to your hotel before you begin to ride, Sport24Hrs is the solution to this. With Sport24hrs, the process of Pick Up, Hook Up and Ride is easy.
For the last few years, Sport24Hrs has been the official taxi and transfer service for the Cape Epic Cycle race. Because of this, the taxi and transfer company has become experts in collecting and dropping off passengers with bicycles. Where other taxi and transfer companies sort of put your bicycle into their vehicle, Sport24hrs is equipped to properly transport man and machine. At Sport24hrs, cyclist transport has become an art form; we have the right vehicles and attachments to carry man, bike and luggage in comfort and safety and above all without damaging your bicycle.

Sport24hrs didn’t become the taxi and transfer company of choice for the Cape Town Epic by chance. As a supplier to one of the most high profile cycling events in the world we had to prove ourselves and demonstrate that we could transport cyclists efficiently, safely and securely. Sport24Hrs invested in the right vehicles and equipment to make this possible and for this reason, the company is one that every cyclist who visits Cape Town should get to know.

Planning your cycling trip to Cape Town has become easier and the inclusion of a transfer service from the airport to your hotel or accommodation should be part of the planning. Giving Sport24hrs the information about your arrival will ensure you can pick Up, Hook Up and Ride once you have passed through customs and baggage collection.
Sport24Hrs appreciates that many cyclists arrive in couples or groups. Providing us in advance with your party details will ensure every passenger is taken care of and every bicycle is transported safely. Our drivers take pride in helping all passengers and have been taught to professionally handle bicycles in particular.

The cost of Sport24hrs to collect man and machine is incredibly affordable, this combined with the reliability, and professionalism makes us the number one choice for Airport Transfer with bicycles. If you are coming to Cape Town to take part in a race, Sport24Hrs will also help transport you and your bicycle to the start point or collect from the end point. Many riders have become accustom to having Sport24Hrs transport them to and from races and meets.

At the end of the day transporting yourself and your bicycle to and from Cape Town International Airport or any other location boils down to trust. Sport24hrs can be trusted to take care of you and your bicycle and transport you in style, safety and comfort and that is what sets us apart.  When you next plan your trip to Cape Town and if you are bringing your bicycle contact Sport24hrs first and you are assured you and your bike will arrive and leave in one piece.