Have AMAZAing time at the Cape Town Carnival

It is that time of year and the Mardi Gras comes to Cape Town. The Cape Town festival have become one of the highlights of year and is the “must attend” event that anyone who is anyone must be seen at.

The theme for the Cape Town Carnival for 2017 is “AMAZA – Ocean Odyssey” and of course the designers and creative of this world would have come up with some fabulous floats and artwork. Celebrating the ocean, the very lifeblood of a Cape Town of once upon a time you can expect colour, beauty and the typical Cape sense of humour.  On Saturday 18 March 2017 expect Mermaids and Mermen to come to life with colourful sea creatures and monsters of the deep as they take to the streets with people dressed as penguins, dolphins, crabs and maybe the odd Southern Right Whale.

As always, Cape Town will come alive to the sound of music played by marching bands and street musicians. Smiles and laughter will be the overall theme for the event as people celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of the Mother City. This is the 8th year the Cape Town  Carnival has taken place and this year it is expected to be bigger and better than ever.

The procession starts with some professional jamming at around 3pm at the top end of Somerset Road. The area will be pedestrianised and turned into the ultimate outdoor party place. The procession begins to form and then in true Mardi Gras style the merriment, colour and music begins to snake its way down the “fan walk” ending near York Road, Greenpoint sometime around 7pm.

The Cape Town Carnival is all about bringing people from all cultures together. It is an event that encourages people to participate through a display of heritage and of course pride in the city.  Carnival is an event for locals as well as tourists and shows off the cultural diversity of a has made the city what it is today. Cape Town is somewhere that people from all over the world must visit at least once in a lifetime and there is no time better than Carnival!

Carnival is an event that is planned as soon as the last carnival ends. It is extremely well organised and people of all ages are entertained like never before. Vendors provide a wide variety of food and drink along the route and the various bars and restaurants all play their part.
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